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Srithai Superware Pcl. attaches great importance to the disclosure of information with accuracy, completeness and in a timely manner. Such information is disclosed in accordance with the situation relating to financial information (such as financial circumstances, and performance) as well as non-financial information (such as shareholdings structure, Company governance, and other business-related information), in order to benefit all shareholders and outside persons. The Investor Relations Unit is assigned to be responsible for providing and disclosing such up-to-date information with accuracy and completeness, as well as for providing easy access via all communications channels arranged by the Company. Hence, investors and outsiders can effectively contact the Investor Relations Unit to inquire about such information in a convenient and speedy manner.

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Summary of Operating Results of the Group

The summary of operating resultfor Q1/2020 increased from Q1/2019, even though revenues decreased from the previous year. Revenues of Baht 1,923 million, a decrease by Baht 491 million or 20.3% YoY. This was mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing all restaurants and department stores to close, and events suspended including the lockdown which affected the distribution channels and logistics. This resulted in a drop in revenues forboth household and industrial products of domestic andoverseas operations.

Gross profit of Baht 242 million, decreased by Baht 17 million or 6.6% YoY with gross profit margin of 12.6%, increased from 10.7% in Q1/2019. Increase in gross profit margin resulted mainly from the decrease in raw material price, the adjustment in the product portfolio in line with the strategy, and the improvement in the production process. Selling and administrative expenses decreased due to organizational restructuring last year and the controls of unnecessary expenses. All of which contributed to the Group’s operating profit of Baht 34 million, representing operating profit margin of 1.8% compared with operating profit of Baht 25 million (operating profit margin of 1.0%) in Q1/2019.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”) of Baht 244 million (E BITDA margin of 12.7%), increased by Baht 5 million or 2.1% YoY. As such, net profit of Q1/2020 was Baht 38 million with a profitattributable to the equity holders of the Company being Baht 36 million. This represents an Earning Per Share of Baht 0.013, an increase from an Earning Per Share of Baht 0.004 YoY. See the document

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