Company Information

(1) To carry on the business of manufacturing for sale of container, cup and bowl, made from plastic, melamine, metal, and all kind of materials, glassware including household equipment, furniture, utensil, decoration, kitchenware, office supplies, and its components made from all kind of materials, except manufacturing of goldware, silverware, nielloware, bronzeware.

(2) To carry on the business of manufacturing for sale of accessory, clothes, bag, and ready-made apparel, including textile manufacturing products such as carpet, cotton, yarn, synthetic, except manufacturing of Thai silk thread, Thai silk weaving, or printing on Thai silk.

(3) To import, buy machines, engines, equipments, instruments, components and parts of the aforesaid using for business operation as stipulated in the objectives no.1 and 2 above.

(4) To buy, acquire, rent, lease out, buy on hire-purchase, own, possess, improve, develop, use or otherwise manage any property whatsoever as well as the fruits thereof.

(5) To borrow, lend money, give commercial credit, certify debt, for benefit in operation as stipulated in the objectives, guarantee, issue, transfer or endorse bills of exchange or other instruments.

(6) To sell, transfer, mortgage, pledge, exchange or otherwise dispose of any property.

(7) To undertake a service business providing guarantees for debt for a person or juristic person, including the guarantee for a person related to the company or to company operation, in accordance with the laws of immigration, taxation, custom, labour, and other laws, with non commercial purpose.

(8) To contact with government agencies and officials in acquiring or disposal of an exclusive right, contract, right, proprietary, trademark license, industrial property, copyright, patent, concession, or any privilege needed in company operation.

(9) To apply for any application, license and registration as necessarily or beneficially for company operation.

(10) The company may offer its shares for sale at a price higher than the registered par value.

(11) The company may issue its securities, such as debenture, bill of exchange, warrant, or any instrument comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations and/or other related law in order to offer for sale to shareholder and/or any person and/or any people.

(12) To carry on the direct sales business or direct market business according to the law.

(13) To carry on the business of trading in fresh food, dried food, pre-cooked food, food supplement, canned food, food seasoning, food, beverage, beer, liquor, and other consumables.

(14) To carry on the business of trading in textiles, quilts, bedsheets, towels, yarn, garments, ready-made clothes, wearing apparels and accessories, cosmetics, beauty aids or accessories, and other consumer goods.

(15) To carry on the business of trading in household instrument and equipment, electric device, packaging, food storage box, and instrument component.

(16) To carry on the business of trading in rice, rice products, cassava, cassava products, maize, sesame seeds, beans, pepper, tea, coffee, cream or artificial cream, jute, kapok, cotton, lace, castor beans, wood, rubber, vegetables, fruits, forest products, medicinal herbs, animal hides, animal horn, live animals, animal flesh, sugar, animal food, and agricultural products of all kinds.

(17) To be a broker, agent or commission agent in transactions and businesses of all types except insurance, membership recruitment for associations, and trading in securities.

(18) To establish branch offices or to appoint agents, within or outside the Kingdom, to become a partner with limited liability in a limited partnership and to become shareholder in other limited company.

(19) To carry on the business of production, creation and broadcast of information, advertisement, public relation, promotion, activity, as well as website transaction via internet network.

(20) To carry on the business of trading in medicines for the curing and prevention of disease in humans and animals, pharmaceutical products, chemical substances, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, all kinds of growth agents for plants and animals, and scientific instrument and equipment.

(21) To carry on the business of trading in gold, precious metal alloys, silver, diamonds, precious gems and semi-precious stones, including imitations thereof.

(22) To carry on the business of newspaper, printing, printed matter, journal, document, and all types of magazine in Thai and foreign language for company or related to company activity, or distributor, member, and company client.

(23) To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying, wholesaling, retailing of air purifier, electrical equipment, bedding, communicational equipment, stationery, educational and educational promotional equipment, environment treatment product, home repair product, leak repair equipment, tool and repair tool for container, utensil and building, car product, car accessory product, engine oil, lubricant oil.

(24) To carry on the business of trading in plastics, or other similar materials, either in raw form or processed into articles.

(25) To carry on the business of trading in food supplements for plants, agricultural instruments such as the spraying device for food supplements for plants.

(26) To carry on the business of trading in latex, crude rubber sheet, or other kinds of rubber, that are produced by or derived from any part of the rubber tree, including synthetic rubber and synthetic versions of the said materials or goods made by scientific means.

(27) To carry on the business of import and export of the goods stipulated in the objectives for distribution.

(28) To undertake a service business of counseling and providing recommendations on problems related to work management,     commerce and industry, including problems of manufacturing, marketing and distributing.

(29) To carry on a service business of collecting, compiling, preparing, publishing and distributing statistics, data and information concerning agriculture, industry, commerce, finance and marketing, including analyzing and assessing the outcome of business transactions.

(30) To carry on a service business of being a manager who protects the interests, collects and receives the benefit and manages the properties for others.

(31) To carry on the business of bidding for sale of goods and hire of work in accordance with all of the objectives, for any person, body of persons, juristic person, government agency and state enterprise.

(32) To carry on the business of selling, retailing, wholesaling of all products stipulated in the objects, by direct retailing to client and consumer via catalog, company shop, internet or electronic transaction, distributor, and website of distributor or business partner.

(33) To operate international headquarters business, including to provide management and technical services, supportive services or financial management services to its associated enterprises or branches, whether or not such associated enterprises or branches will be located in Thailand or overseas, and to operate international trading center business under the scope of the international headquarters business.

(34) To operate service support business, including supporting services in general management, business planning, business coordination, procurement of raw materials and components, product research and development, technical support, marketing and sales promotion, personnel management and training, financial advisory, economic and investment analysis and research, or credit management and control, and other supporting services.

(35)To operate international trading center business, including procurement and sales of goods, raw materials, and components, or to provide services regarding international trading to juristic person established under foreign laws, which are procurement of goods and raw materials, warehousing of goods and raw materials prior to delivery, packaging and transportation of goods, or to give advisory, technical and training service on goods.



No.   SorJor.1 001256



This is to certify that this company is registered as a juristic person under the Public Limited Company Act on the 13th day of December 1993 with registration number 0107536001516.

Details of registration on the date of issuance of this affidavit are as follows:

        1. Name of the company:   Srithai Superware Public Company Limited

        2. There are 8 directors in the company, namely:

            1. Mr. Sanan Angubolkul

            2. Mr. Naphol Lertsumitkul

            3. Mr. Manit Ativanichayaphong

            4. Mr. Prin Bholnivas

            5. Mr. Enghug Nontikarn

            6. Mr. Suchat Boonbanjerdsri

            7. Mrs. Siriporn Sailasuta

            8. Mr. Supachoke Liamkaeo

        3. Number of directors whose signatures are binding on the company is any two directors of the following four directors sign jointly with the company’s seal affixed, namely:

Mr. Sanan Angubolku

Mr. Manit Ativanichayaphong

Mr. Naphol Lertsumitkul

Mr. Prin Bholnivas

Restriction on power of directors: none/

           4. Capital: The registered capital of the company is 2,709,904,800.00 baht/

(Two thousand seven hundred nine million nine hundred four thousand and eight hundred baht)

Paid-up capital of the company is 2,709,904,800.00 baht/

(Two thousand seven hundred nine million nine hundred four thousand and eight hundred baht)

        5. The head office of the company is located at no. 15, Soi Suksawat 36, Suksawat Road, Bangpakok, Rasburana, Bangkok/

        6. The company has 35 objects as per 4 sheets of documents attached to this affidavit which were certified by the Registrar and affixed with the seal of the Department of Business Development.

Srithai Superware Public Company Limited


The Memorandum of Association of the company contains the following particulars:

Clause 1.

The name of the company is ““SRITHAI SUPERWARE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”” which is to be called in English as ““SRITHAI SUPERWARE PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”.”

Clause 2.

The company desires to offer its shares to the public.

Clause 3.

The objects of the company consist of 35 clauses.

Clause 4.

The registered capital is 2,709,904,800.00 baht (Two thousand seven hundred nine million nine hundred four thousand and eight hundred baht)

divided into 2,709,904,800 shares (Two thousand seven hundred nine million nine hundred four thousand and eight hundred shares)

with a par value of 1 baht (One baht)

each, categorized into

Ordinary Shares of 2,709,904,800 shares (Two thousand seven hundred nine million nine hundred four thousand and eight hundred shares)

Preference Shares   -   Shares. (  -  )

Clause 5.

The head office of the company is located in Bangkok Metropolis.